The expert in smart urban distribution

CityDepot, the expert in smart urban distribution, is the first company to offer a total solution for sustainable distribution of goods to and from the city centre, by road or water.

CityDepot transports large pallets, small parcels, fresh goods, raw materials, waste and residual fractions, to mention a few.

CityDepot is a neutral logistic platform that works together with big and small businesses active in urban distribution to enable the expansion of its operations.

CityDepot plays a unifying role in the rapidly growing market of e-commerce.



Resto@home, a brand new service for gourmet food lovers, delivers restaurant meals at home. Their logistics partner? Indeed, CityDepot!
The future will be digital or it will not be. In logistics, too. It just seems that not everyone is aware of that yet. Will logistics be the last industry to make the digital transfer?
The Brussels Capital Region aims to be a forerunner in the development of a sustainable circular economy. We can proudly announce that CityDepot will have a major contribution.