Welcome, Flying Tiger

We welcome fast-growing Danish retail giant Flying Tiger, who sell fun designer goods, hobby items and gadgets, as a major new partner. In just a few years, Flying Tiger has opened 700 stores in 29 countries, adding up more than 80 million customers.

"We have selected CityDepot as logistics partner for different reasons", Benoit Lefebvre, Flying Tiger manager in the Brussels and Wallonia territories, explains. “Firstly, because CityDepot covers a wide operating field, from Brussels and Louvain-la-Neuve to Charleroi and Mons. Secondly, because CityDepot not only handles deliveries, but also stores customers’ goods in its warehouses. Thirdly, because they offer speed deliveries, within 24 hours. If we run out of stock unexpectedly in one of our shops, the solution is only one phone call away. And fourthly, because CityDepot offers correct rates.”

CityDepot delivers pallets to the Flying Tiger shops in Brussels and Wallonia, and also picks up stored goods to supply their shops in Ghent and Bruges. On its website Flying Tiger promises products “that inspire you to try new things, be creative and have more fun with your friends and family.” A mission CityDepot fully supports ...