About Us

CityDepot is the first company in Belgium offering a total solution for the sustainable distribution of goods to the inner city and back.

Undisputed leader
Within a few years CityDepot became the specialist in smart urban distribution. Thanks to the support of shareholder bpost, CityDepot has grown into a reliable, stable and flexible partner.

Large network
CityDepot connects transporters, large retailers and brands, small retailers, e-commerce companies, cities, (semi-)public organisations and consumers. CityDepot has a suitable customised solution for all these stakeholders.

Making cities more enjoyable
From the start, CityDepot has aimed to make cities a pleasant environment and experience. Urban distribution is a very important part of this. CityDepot uses the principles of corporate social responsibility, paying attention to ecological, economic and social sustainability.

Good joint results
CityDepot believes in cooperating, sharing and operating in hybrid networks. We unite large and small businesses active in urban distribution on an open and neutral platform. In this way CityDepot is paving the way for the future of urban distribution. With hard facts and figures.