"In order to support the business climate and untangle the mobility knot in our city as well as preserve the quality of life for the inhabitants of Brussels creative solutions are crucial. It is no coincidence that an initiative like CityDepot has immediate success." 
Pascal Smet, Brussels Secretary for Mobility and Public Works

"Like other large European cities, Charleroi needs to address the mobility in its city center by stimulating diversity in the field of transport. This is not only good for the environment but also increases the attractiveness of the city, because we restrict downtown traffic. In addition to managing the last mile, CityDepot makes life easier for entrepreneurs by offering personalized and valuable services for the first mile."
Paul Magnette, Mayor Charleroi

"We are excited about our pleasant and good cooperation. CityDepot saves us a lot of money."
Marc Geerts, CEO Transport Group Corneel Geerts

"We are excited about the concept of urban distribution that CityDepot has developed. CityDepot’s business fits perfectly with our ambition to develop a more sustainable city."
Valerie Del Re, councilwoman of Finance, Hasselt

"Baby De Luxe offers a variety of products through its web shop. It takes a lot of time to process the packages and get them to our customers. We are happy that CityDepot helps us with this."
Olivier Vandebroek, Baby De Luxe

"Our partnership with CityDepot in Liege allows us to achieve our goal to be a company with an economic and social impact, specializing in logistics.”
Dany Drion, Managing Director Ateliers Jean Del'Cour

"The entire team at Tafelrond is very satisfied about our cooperation with CityDepot. Location, coordination, logistics, follow-up ... Top !!! We will continue to work with CityDepot and look forward to a successful future!"
Yannick Bouts, General Manager Tafelrond

"We have put forward mobility, environment and quality of life as absolute priorities in our policy. Initiatives such as CityDepot enforce our endeavors."
Renaat Landuyt, Mayor Bruges

"Thanks to our collaboration with CityDepot, we can provide an environmentally friendly, efficient and high-quality service to our customers.”
Elke Ghysbrecht, Customer Service Manager ONTEX Global

"It feels like we have one extra staff member since we are working together with CityDepot."
Anne Celis, Orye Sports

"Like almost all our activities, logistics face major changes as a result of digitization. CityDepot understands this perfectly and anticipates changes that have an economic as well as an environmental and social dimension. Liege, a metropolis of Wallonia and the heart of the Euroregion, is the ideal place to shape this evolution."
Jean-Claude Marcourt, Vice-President and Minister of Economy of the Walloon Government