The reason we are different and better.
We join forces to be able to offer sustainable and efficient solutions for all logistic needs and concerns. As a neutral player we are a partner to all stakeholders searching for smart and high-quality solutions for urban deliveries.

Making connections
We organise the transport of goods to and from cities, and also within cities. This means that we mostly work in urban areas. However, various logistic solutions are also applicable outside these areas. By working together with our partners we are able to provide solutions covering the entire area.  Furthermore, by connecting our depots with each other in a network, we are able to remove urban distribution from the inner city.

Dynamic solutions
By bundling volumes we can guarantee cost savings. Thanks to the creation of optimum inner city delivery rounds we are able to provide the most cost efficient deliveries. Besides managing the last mile, we also offer personalised services for the optimisation of first mile transport, storage management and e-fulfilment. In short, we provide flexible high-quality total solutions.

Reduced costs per mile
Volume bundling and cargo pooling - also over large distances - mean lower kilometre-based charges per volume unit. In this way we reduce the costs of the recently introduced kilometre-based charge.

Smart and sustainable
Packages, pallets, light and heavy ... we are at home in all sizes and weights, both fresh & frozen as well as ambient ... both local and national. We use the most ecological vehicles (bicycles, trucks) and deliver to retailers up to (inter)national transporters. Together we work on a more pleasant and healthier world!

Only advantages
The services offered by CityDepot create ecological, economic and social added value. After all, an efficient distribution of goods in cities creates less traffic, less air pollution, less noise, better security, better quality of life and a better (urban) economic climate.

The fact that CityDepot stands for quality, flexibility and trust, translates into an unparalleled high customer loyalty!